Business Concept

Successful shipment, trade or, procurement of bulk commodities demand close attention to the production, preparation, inventory control, testing, transport, survey and, loading of the cargo onto the vessel. Our business is to supervise or monitor the key aspects of this supply chain in order to limit our customer’s exposure to associated risks.

The ever-increasing demands on production and transport capacities highlight the importance of supply chain visibility from the mines; to terminal stockpiles; to vessel loading. Our role as the independent field representative (or cargo agent) is to maintain close communication with our customer and their counterparties to ensure the obligations of the supply chain functions are clearly understood and properly executed.

Proper determinations of cargo quality and quantity are equally important to shippers, traders and consumers. Preliminary visual inspections and review of inventory process control are crucial to the: assessment of the cargo preparation; avoidance of degradation and contamination; effective handling, storage and, blending of the cargo; During the cargo loading, we assure sampling and testing procedures are carried out according to accepted and agreed industry standards and best available practices. Accurate determination of cargo quantity begins with effective control of inventory, as well as close attention to practices for determining weight, whether by draught survey, volumetric survey or, weighing systems.